7.0 & 7.5 Hair Cutting Scissors

Musashi MR5 7.0

The MR5's double camel semi-offset handle with a slight ergonomic tilt to both the finger and thumb holes make this one of our most popular designs.

A general purpose styling shear that works for almost all cutting techniques you'll find this shear will become the work-horse you reach for daily.

MR5 7.0

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Musashi MR5 7.0

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The MR8 is a great entry-level general purpose styling shear.

It comes in a 7.0 inch length and works for almost all cutting techniques.

Fashioned in 440C steel and hand finished to perfection
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This MR22 is available in a 7.0 & 7.5 inch scissors length.

This shear gives you so many things to appreciateā€¦ergonomic styling to relieve the stress suspected of causing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, distinguished design, and an array of sizes. You will relish cutting with these shears..
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Musashi MR22 7.0 Hair Styling Shear
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