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7.0 & 7.5

7.0 & 7.5 Hair Cutting Scissors

Musashi MR5 7.0

The MR5’s double camel semi-offset handle with a slight ergonomic tilt to both the finger and thumb holes make this one of our most popular designs.

A general purpose styling shear that works for almost all cutting techniques you’ll find this shear will become the work-horse you reach for daily.

MR5 7.0

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Musashi MR5 7.0

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Musashi MR8 7.0

The MR8 is a great entry-level general purpose styling shear.

It comes in a 7.0 inch length and works for almost all cutting techniques.

Fashioned in 440C steel and hand finished to perfection
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Musashi MR8 7.0

Musashi MR22 7.0

This MR22 is available in a 7.0 & 7.5 inch scissors length.

This shear gives you so many things to appreciate…ergonomic styling to relieve the stress suspected of causing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, distinguished design, and an array of sizes. You will relish cutting with these shears..
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Musashi MR22 7.0 Hair Styling Shear
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