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Hair Cutting Scissor Sharpening

The importance of sharpening hair cutting scissors is not just important, it is critical.


Hair stylist and barbers risk their career and livelihood when they ask you to sharpen their hair cutting scissors.  When hair cutting scissors get dull they “push” the hair when the hair cutter tries to to cut.  It takes longer to do a hair cut if the hair cutting scissors don’t “cut” the hair.  Taking longer on each hair cut throughout the day reduces the amount of haircuts the operator can do.  More time on each cut means fewer cuts in a day which means less income for the month.


In addition to lost income for the stylist or barber cutting hair with dull scissors causes split ends for the customer.  Doing a poor job can also lose clients for the stylist.


For the professional scissor sharpener,  using the right tools for hair cutting scissor sharpening is critical.  Who wants to be responsible for causing the stylist or barber to do a poor job, lose time, money and even clients.


At Diamond Rose Shears, we have the tools you need for a perfect job sharpening hair cutting scissors.  We provide the training you need, so you in turn can help the professional hair cutters do their jobs better.


In the end, the client looks better, feels better and stays with the salon or barber shop.  The hair cutting scissor sharpener serves their customer, the professional hair cutter better.


And to top it all off – every bodies job is easier, their income is higher and you can go to sleep at night with more money in your hand and the satisfaction you have made a positive difference in the lives of the people you touched during the day.