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Dry Finish Shear

Dry Finish Shears for all your dry hair cutting needs

Dry hair cutting scissors for all your dry cutting needs, slide cutting and dry finish work

Musashi MR6 Dry Finish Shear

Musashi MR6 6.5

Musashi MR30 6.0

MR30 6.0

MR30 6.5

• Includes FREE scissor case and finger ring sizers

• Lifetime Warranty against manufacturers defect

• 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee (Love them or send them back)

• Premium Japanese 440C steel with Cobalt and Molybdenum alloys for strength and lasting durability

• Convex edge and hollow-ground blades for precision cutting

• A counter-sunk tension control system that is easy to adjust the shear’s tension and provides a smooth finish on the scissor blade

Musashi Dry Finish Shear, 5.5 inch $747.00​

Musashi Dry Finish Shear, 6.0 inch $797.00​

Musashi Dry Finish Shear, 6.5 inch $797.00​


There are a lot of reasons for cutting hair dry.   I think the most important is the control dry hair cutting gives you.


If you cut your clients hair while it is wet you are more likely to take more length than your customer wanted off.  Wet hair stretches from the water and then shrinks up as it drys.   If the client wants a half inch off, taking a half inch off while the hair is wet is likely to look more like an inch when dry – unhappy customer!


Using a Dry Finish Shear and cutting the hair dry allows you to see exactly how it will look after the client blow drys their hair at home.  You will be able to see how the hair will naturally lay around cowlicks if you use dry hair cutting scissors.


Try one of our Dry Finish Shears today, you will be glad you did.  The only question will be why you waited so long to purchase the right tool for the job.