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Protect against the strain suspected of causing Carpal Tunnel with a thumb swivel shear!




care of your health

A Musashi thumb swivel from Diamond Rose Shears can prolong your career by removing the stresses on your hand, wrist, arm, and even your back (according to stylists using our thumb swivel shears, some report they even feel less tired at the end of the day).

We are Proud to Offer:

A Great

Our Musashi Shears
selection includes
both right and left-handed hair cutting scissors.


All models have a
minimum of 440C
Steel with both Cobalt and
Molybdenum to give
your purchase
long-lasting precision cutting


Manufactured with
the latest technology
and hand
finished to

Guarantee &

All our shears carry
a lifetime warranty
protecting you
against any kind of
factory defect.
Online purchases
are accompanied
with a 15 day money
back guarantee.

Shear Sharpening

We sharpen all Hair Styling Shears and can restore your shear to like new factory condition. Click here to find out more!

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About Our

Diamond Rose Sears was founded in 2004 to provide quality shears at an affordable price.

The Diamond Rose Shears Superior Sharpening System was invented because shears were being damaged or even ruined by the sharpening machines available in the late 1900’s and early 2000’s.

Now the patented Diamond Rose Sharpening System allows our distributors to return scissors to their factory new cutting specifications.

You never have to worry about your scissors being damaged or ruined ever again.

Recently a stylist told one of our distributors she had done approximately 140,000 haircuts with her 20 year-old Musashi Shears ( they sharpened beautifully and are now cutting just like the day she purchased them.)

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Client Testimonials

I love the Damascus by Musashi Shear. It is the best shear I have ever worked with. It is so smooth and easy to work with. It makes the hair cut go so fast, almost like you are not even cutting. Even the sound is different. They really are great shears."
Shaylin S.
I really enjoy the versatility of the MR9. It allows several blending options which gives me a better quality cut with less effort. I like to use it on some of my male customers that have inconsistent hair lengths and texture. The MR9T allows me to blend it all together. Thanks, Diamond Rose Shears for this great shear!
Donna R
Donna R.
"Coleen is amazing and so sweet and kind. She goes into depth in explaining what's wrong with your shears and really takes her time sharpening them to perfection. She saved my beloved shears and I'm so grateful for her! When I worked at this location years ago, there was a lovely man from Diamond Rose that also did a wonderful job. Thank you so much. She'll have my business until whichever one of us leaves first!"
Diamond Rose Sharpening Machine
Jaclyn L.