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Scissor Sharpening Package

Scissor Sharpening Machine

How to Earn $84,000 Annually

Sharpen ten pairs of scissors daily – $35.00 each equals $350.00 dollars – Times twenty days per month – times twelve months comes to $84,000 annually.

(After our intensive week of training, you will be able to sharpen a pair of scissors in roughly twenty minutes. Ten pair will take approximately three and a half hours – leaving time to drive from salon to salon, set up and talk to your customer about the premium quality Musashi Shear.

We do not charge you a royalty like the typical franchise. What is Included in Your Business Package? We provide:

  1. Our patented Diamond Rose Sharpening machine
  1. A premium accessories package with all the hand tools, honing stones and other sharpening supplies necessary to get your business started.
  1. An intensive week of training at our training center (You will receive a professionally written textbook, a training workbook for class usage and training videos for future reference.)
  2. A starter marketing package for use promoting your business

How to earn $84,000 continued:

When you come to our intensive week of training, we will give you our “secrets to success.” We will give you all the things you would expect from a franchise:

  1. Trade secrets
  1. Intensive training
  1. We will provide you with a database of salons and barbershops in your area complete with address, phone number, owner/managers name and the approximate number of employees for your marketing use.
  2. Ongoing technical support
  3. Home office support
  4. Business development advice

We will not try to control your business:

  1. There are no corporate visits to check up on you
  1. There are no advertising fees
  1. There are no royalties on your gross revenue.

All this at a fraction of what you would pay for a franchise license or the purchase of an operating business charging you a multiple of the net income of the business. There is one area I feel compelled to warn you about. There are other companies selling scissors sharpening machines. These machines are not able to restore scissors to factory new cutting condition. We hold the patent on the technology which allows you to outperform any other competition. Most offer a very limited training package. And none offer the complete business package you will receive from Diamond Rose Shears. Call me today WL Laney at 855-WLLaney  that is 855-955-2639.

Premium Accessories Package

Our premium accessories package includes everything you need for the scissors sharpening process.  The only exception is you will need to get your personalized business cards.

There is no need to purchase any kind of special vehicle.  The car you are currently driving is adequate.  Some people feel they should buy a van and set up to sharpen in the parking lot of the salon or barber shop.  That is a bad idea for two reasons.  1. Many of your competitors using inferior sharpening systems work in their van.  Then they bring the scissors back in to the shop and leave before the customer can even test the quality of their work.  2. By working in the shop where the stylist or barber can watch your precision, you will get more scissors to sharpen because they see the results you provided their friend.