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Shear Sales

Build a Successful Home Based Business selling our Premium Hair Cutting Scissors

20 Shear Sales Case

20 Sample Shears

Meeting the needs of your hair cutting customer is easier when they can take the shear in their hand to experience the feel and the cutting capability of each individual pair of shears.

At Diamond Rose Shears, we have two different brands of shears with a total of more than 100 models and lengths to choose from.  Your sample case demonstrates the quality and feel of our shears.  The scissors catalog provides the assortment and selection to meet the need of the most discriminating professional hair cutter.

Marketing Material & Supplies

Your starter Kit includes order forms, Scissor Care Guides and Scissor Catalogs.  Our goal is to provide you with the tools you need to make an above average income meeting the needs of the professional hair cutters in your market area.

Sales Material

A Taste of Appreciation

Textbook & Training Videos

In 1597 Sir Francis Bacon said, “Knowledge is power.”  Diamond Rose Shears provides the training material you need to become the “expert” in your field of scissor sales.

You will find the stylists are eager customers when you open your display case of sample shears.  It is much like turning a child loose in the candy store.  Stylists love to see new shears.  Going into the salon and showing your shears will give you a high level of success.  Learning about shears, the quality of steel, how to care for shears and understanding what style of scissors is best for each specific cutting application will raise your income well above average!

Absorb the information and training we provide and you will be the recognized expert in your marketing area.  You can expect new video training on a routine basis as we endeavor to make your job easier.  When stylists or barbers ask a question you cannot answer, let us know we will provide it first on the phone or email and second in a video so everyone can share.  We are a team working together to meet the needs of the professional stylist and barber.